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Truck to Help Refurnish Fire Company in Aftermath of Hurricane

STAMFORD, CT/May 8, 2006 – About eight years ago local contractor Nicholas J. Mercede of Frank Mercede & Sons purchased a
fire engine as an “investment.” The Newbrook Fire Department of Newfane, Vermont was selling the candy apple red 1973 Maxim Diamond Reo tanker/pumper to raise funds and Mercede saw the opportunity to help the small Vermont community where he vacations. Today, Frank Mercede & Sons is completing the circle of generosity as the company donates the refurbished engine to
a needy fire station hit hard by Hurricane Rita, which took place back in September 2005.

“We’ve all seen the footage of how devastated some of the towns in Louisiana were after the hurricane,” said Frank J. Mercede,
FMS company president. “Then I saw an article about a similar donation recounting how so many fire departments needed equipment, and my father and I decided the engine we had purchased could be put to good use down there.”

The Mercedes sought out help from those who would know best and the Glenbrook Fire Department took on the task of cleaning
the truck and getting it ready for use. Firefighter Ed Palitz tested the pump and re-piped the tank, while Ralph DeBlasi, the Stamford Fire Department mechanic, checked and re-built the engine. Additionally, the Glenbrook Fire Department spearheaded an appeal to other stations around the state for donations to outfit the fire truck with equipment including hose, tools, nozzles, and so on.

“As firemen we’re all brothers so it was only natural for us to want to help out a house in need,” said Rob Panapada of Glenbrook Fire Department. “We’re a tight-knit community even through we’re thousands of miles apart.”

The new truck will be delivered to the fire station in Henry, Louisiana, which is in Vermilion Parish, one of the hardest hit areas in southwest Louisiana. The station was selected by brother firemen in the Vermilion Parish Fire Fighters Association, who determined that the Henry station would benefit most from this donation. The donation was coordinated by the Community Foundation of Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana.

“Our department lost its station along with two major pieces of equipment – our service unit full of tools and our tanker, which
helps us haul water to a fire. Right now we have two units left operating out of a parking lot,” said Chief Robert Moss of Henry
Fire Department. “The area we are in has very limited funding to begin with, so we can’t afford to buy a new tanker. This gift
will be extremely valuable to our firefighters as well as the people we serve.”

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